Responsible Tourism

“Be more than just a tourist”
Responsible tourism aims to preserve and sustain nature and wildlife along with the local communities associated with it. It is a new wave that forms a fusion between conservation of environment, tourism and justifies the goal of creating a better place to live in. It helps tourist to discern the very important fact that tourism is not just about travelling and creating memories but it is also about preserving the nature. The inclusion of local people in tourism provides them with opportunity that would affect their lives and lifestyle. Responsible tourism also contributes to preservation of world diversity through the conservation and contribution towards the natural and cultural heritage. It is very important to implement responsible tourism in various walks of life that will lead to the betterment of natural social and economic aspects of society. It also makes human realise their duty towards environment and world as a whole. It is almost time to for each and every one to control on ones ecological footprint and make progress of environment rather than making progress in constructing concrete buildings. The focus of responsible tourism is on the actual green forest than on the concrete urbanization.

Responsible tourism plays a huge role in the international tourism market now-a-days. With the increasing demand for conservation of nature due to the various degrading environmental scenario of nature, it has become important to apply sustainability to every walk of life. With the increase in human demand to travel and find more about unknown places, tourism as a whole has shifted and changed a lot in the last few decades. It also attempts to maintain great tourist satisfaction at same time providing meaningful experience and raising awareness about conservation of nature and promoting sustainable living.

It predominantly focuses on the environmental aspects of the tourist destination, and conservation of the local communities associated with it. Tourism where environmental resources are key for its development and at the same time maintains and upholds the essential ecological process of the environmental system without any hinderance. Tourist following responsible tourism respect and help the host communities by conserving, contributing and learning form their culture and traditions. It also provides them with a stability and at the same time provides them equal opportunity for employment.

The kind of tourism that responsible tourism upholds or propagates is not just limited to the tourist, the host also plays a keen role in it. The kind of decision that they make always depends on the well-being of the local community, making sure that the actions or tourism method that they use doesn’t disturb or distract the natives in a disadvantegous form. It also makes them feel as a part of the local community that they visit temporarily rather than just being spectators.

Tourism opens the mind of tourist to new places and surrounding but responsible tourism along with, providing memories of the destination also provides the opportunity learn more about the native culture and community by being a part of it. Being a part of the community also is not just about learning about their culture and tradition but it also concentrates on the responsibility of the tourist the uphold the destination as it was so that the ones who come after them can enjoy the beauty and aesthetics as much as they themselves enjoyed it. Responsible tourism allows the tourist to leave behind positive impact as well as take with them a much richer understanding of the culture and traditional of the destination and its people.

The support that would be provide to the natives through contributing in their local ventures and business is huge compared to the ordinary say to day trivial purchases that people make. The humongous difference that it contributes not only to that particular individual in that particular business but to the community as a whole to which the individual belongs. The transportation of the locally produced material to urban places would increase its popularity and might also lead to further development of the small-scale native business of the people belonging to the tourist destination. One of the things that responsible tourism should preserve and maintain is the selling of local products and not deviating from it to become more urban.

One of the important aspects of responsible tourism is that it would knowingly contribute to all forms of tourism such as ecotourism, sustainable tourism and green tourism etc. This combination is rare where all the social, economic and aesthetic aspect of a society and its culture.

High Altitude makes genuine attempt to transform rural tourism as constructive method for the development and progress of the native region in terms if lifestyle, culture and environmental harmony. We implement responsible tourism through direct cultural experience, eco-friendly initiative and inclusion of native people into the process. This tourism is not only profitable for nature and natives but also for all those who contribute into it and learn more than what they spend.