Established in 2020, High Altitude is an organization that encompasses ideologies such as responsible tourism, sustainable living and organic farming within it. Our journey started from the Princess of hills – Kodaikanal in the state of Tamil Nadu. The name Kodaikanal means “Gift of Forest” and yes she’s truly blessed by our Mother Nature with valleys of green forests, heavenly waterfalls, tranquil lakes, serene views, this place is a gem for all nature lovers.

We at High Altitude aims to provide a counter culture experience with harmonious and holistic interaction between travellers and nature, experiencing new and unexplored terrains of tourism and euphoric flora and fauna.

The mission that we set forth is maximum contribution to eco system and associated living organism. We give more importance to the bigger picture of conservation and development of environment and natural communities, than on the profit, which is also one of the major reasons behind the formation of this company. We understand the gravity of “connecting human to nature” and follow that irrefutably.
We give immense importance to sustainable living and responsible tourism, which we teach to everyone who comes here for a vacation, through different life experiences rather than theoretical explanations.
Our priority goes to nature and the natives living here hence, a major share of our profit from various projects goes for their well-being and preservation of nature and its elements. We harmonise tourism with responsible tourism into our everyday life in attempt to contribute to the future of earth. Even though it is in a humble proportion, yet as we all know it is these simple contributions that leads to greater changes in the world.