Evolution from Sightseeing to Exploration of Nature

Did you know that with the use of Drake’s Equation one can actually make an estimate of the number of intelligent civilizations in the milky way galaxy? Well not everyone knows this. So, what I am trying to prove is that conservation of earth and practicing sustainable living is not rocket science, but if human keeps on neglecting the increasing changes in nature and follow their greed, then our near future generation would definitely have to study about environment as if its some kind of rocket science. These sentences might seem like a threat but it is an absolute reality which if not taken proper action would be a huge toll on human and life as whole and maybe we can expect another mass extinction.

Contributing to this cause of preservation should not get limited to your household and community, just like one keeps there immediate surrounding neat as well as tries to understand it, similarly it is necessary to keep the environment clean and understand the community and factors that are dependent on it. One among the many measures taken for this preservation and knowledge is through responsible tourism and sustainable living. 

In a world where globalization and digitalization manifest itself people usually take a break from their monotonous life through vacation or by visiting different places near or far. This aspect of visiting or making a trip to different location should be accompanied by following certain ethics so that their travel doesn’t bother or harm the environment and the native population associated with it. In responsible tourism travelling is not just merely about sightseeing it’s also about gathering knowledge and information.

The better propagation of responsible tourism is not only the responsibility of the host but also of the traveller. It is important to make them recognize the difference between sightseeing and being an explorer. Where the former is just a peripheral visit and enjoyment while on the other hand an explorer gets to live through various experiences and create undying memories along with contribution towards the world. 

April 22 comes ever year like a festival when suddenly every one shows their concern on garbage in ocean, ozone depletion, nuclear waste, disintegration of forest, melting ice caps etc. but is it really necessary to become all worked up if you have been making smallest of contribution from your side to make a slightest of change in the world, and prolong its existence. The talk on earth, preservation and conservation should not be restricted or limited for just earth day or the other days associated with it, it is an established talk. 

So instead of talking and doing various activities for it on that particular day, why not make it a daily task. A task were everyone follows sustainable living, which has become a necessity since we have almost harnessed most of the energy sources and nothing will be left for the coming generation if it goes on like this, and making our best attempts by conserving and well as planting more trees along with preservation of wildlife and associated factors. 

Instead of following the path of previous generations who were so busy in discoveries and innovation lets now keep a part of our life or even lifestyle to contribute for a better tomorrow where nature is thriving. This contribution is not an obligation but is a necessity, to prevent the disaster which might follow. Don’t you think it would be wonderful if the world becomes a better place for everyone, where the smell of air is sweeter, colour of sky is more vivid while nature and wildlife is in perfect harmony

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